Hurricane Irma, Romance Candles, Liquor Juice Boxes, & The First Purge | TalkyBox Podcast #44

Hurricane Irma affected us all differently, Tek used up his romance candles, Dave had to work, and Jason went to Wal-Mart. Tek tells us about liquor juice boxes and we all want one. Justin tells us about Apple’s new expensive things. And we discuss how the first Purge would go.

@01:40 – Hurricane Irma happened..
@10:00 – Burning candles
@17:45 – Dave’s Castle
@18:25 – Tipping the cooks
@24:30 – Having a smart phone
@29:30 – Alcohol Juice Boxes
@32:00 – New Apple Watch and iPhone
@39:00 – Jason Suggests a Purge
@41:30 – The First Purge
@47:00 – Zombie movies
@49:00 – Spoiler Alert
@50:00 – Kosher Romance Candles
@53:20 – How Storms Are Named

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