Elon Musk, Flamethrowers, Tide Pods & Other Challenges | TalkyBox Podcast #59


Jeremy-Adam joins us to discuss Discord, Fornite, Super Mario Odyssey, The Boring Company Flamethrower, Elon Musk, Eating Tide Pods & other YouTube Challenges, & Dave explains Absinthe.

@03:30 – Discord App
@04:50 – What is Fortnite
@08:10 – Super Mario Odyssey Thoughts
@12:15 – Elon Musk Flamethrower
@15:20 – Kids Eating Tide Pods
@23:30 – Elon Musk Supervillain or Superhero?
@32:10 – The Hot Sauce Challenge
@37:20 – Pepper Spray and Taser stories
@42:30 – The TalkyBox Gauntlet Challenge
@49:00 – Dave Explains Absinthe

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