Justin Got Robbed, Patreon, & Going to the Gym | TalkyBox Podcast #62

Justin had his car broken into, there’s a $10,000,000 reward for real world avatars, we talk about movies we absolutely hate, Jerry Seinfeld’s show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, we started a Patreon page and how you can help support our shows, how to start working out, gym stories, and a 31 hour Marvel marathon!

@01:00 – Justin Got Robbed :/
@08:20 – 10 Million Dollars for Real World Avatar
@10:20 – Movies We Absolutely Hate
@20:00 – Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
@21:10 – Patreon
@24:30 – How to Start Working Out
@27:00 – Going to the Gym
@31:25 – Justin’s Embarrassing Leg Day Story
@33:40 – Dave’s Dislocated Knee
@40:00 – Black Panther and the 31 Hour Marvel Marathon
@53:00 – What We Learned Today

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