Deadpool 2, Tomb Raider, VR Horror Games, & Captain Marvel | TalkyBox Podcast #68

Newcomers Jackie and Brander join Kate and Dave join us to discuss Deadpool 2, the differences between DC tv shows and DC movies, Harry Potter Hogwarts mystery mobile game, the problems with DLC, Skyrim VR, VR horror games, Jackie’s awkward hug. Also, we introduce new segment “Asshole of the Week” and we discuss Carol Danvers and Captain Marvel.

@05:00 – Deadpool 2
@11:00 – DC TV Shows vs DC Movies
@12:25 – Shadow of the Tomb Raider
@16:30 – Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery game
@23:30 – The Problems with DLC
@27:00 – Skyrim VR
@31:00 – VR Horror Games
@39:00 – The Awkward Hug
@39:40 – Asshole of the Week (highlight)
@44:30 – Kate’s Asshole of the Week Story
@55:00 – Who is Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel?

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