Who We Are

Welcome to TalkyBox! It’s like 3 or 4 of your best friends talking about technology, video games, TV, movies, news, or the zombie apocalypse for an hour. Listen in your car or on the toilet when you should be working.


After years of working in radio and audio production, Dave set out with a goal: to provide entertainment and information to the masses. He looked around him at his group of friends and found a wide range of talents that were being misspent if not downright ignored. With a bit of charisma (and that hair!), he brought a few of them together to create TalkyBox! But he has no desire to stop at one measly podcast. His sights are set on something far greater.


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Patient has mild to moderate Narcissistic Personality Disorder, which might be tolerable if patient were more handsome. Patient exhibits mild symptoms of both Autism (6 letters 3 consonants 3 vowels) and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Compulsive Disorder. Neither of which seem to inhibit the patient’s day to day functionality. Patient has been warned that moderate to severe marijuana dependency can increase the risk of neurological disorders and bong splash. Patient continues to refuse all treatment options, also he’s a white guy.


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Completely uncreative, but not debilitatingly stupid, Justin considers himself a performer. Inspired by his father’s fun answering machine introductions as the likes of Forest Gump and Goofy, he took to doing his own voices and has slowly developed a multitude of terrifyingly unstable personalities. Justin aspires to use his voices professionally in TV, games, and movies and his imitations for consumers interested in Christopher Walken, Gollum, and Stewie as their wake up call. He is an avid techy, beer aficionado, and is therefore obviously bearded and bespectacled.

Special Thanks to:

Alana, Brander, Bri, Brian, Christina, Clay, Destiny, Emily, Honor, Jackie, Jarrett, Jeremy (Adam), Joey, Kate, Matt, Mickey, Mike, Tek, Tony, and Skyler