Breast Feeding, Social Media vs Community, & Fake News | TalkyBox Podcast #58


Special Guest Scott joins Dave, Jason, & Kate to discuss The Last Jedi, Free to Play games, marketing with sex, Amazon Go stores, Apple bringing back money and jobs to US, social media, & misinformation on the internet. Continue reading

Dick Pics, The Mad Pooper, Mars Biodome, & Climbing the Eiffel Tower | TalkyBox Podcast #45

Dave saw a dick pic, some lady is pooping in the park, and Tek climbed the Eiffel Tower. Some scientists tried to survive in a Mars-like Biodome but they didn’t even bring any velociraptors. Jason claims to be the real Forrest Gump and Justin continues to be an Apple fanboy. Continue reading

Hurricane Irma, Romance Candles, Liquor Juice Boxes, & The First Purge | TalkyBox Podcast #44

Hurricane Irma affected us all differently, Tek used up his romance candles, Dave had to work, and Jason went to Wal-Mart. Tek tells us about liquor juice boxes and we all want one. Justin tells us about Apple’s new expensive things. And we discuss how the first Purge would go. Continue reading