Elon Musk, Flamethrowers, Tide Pods & Other Challenges | TalkyBox Podcast #59


Jeremy-Adam joins us to discuss Discord, Fornite, Super Mario Odyssey, The Boring Company Flamethrower, Elon Musk, Eating Tide Pods & other YouTube Challenges, & Dave explains Absinthe. Continue reading

Breast Feeding, Social Media vs Community, & Fake News | TalkyBox Podcast #58


Special Guest Scott joins Dave, Jason, & Kate to discuss The Last Jedi, Free to Play games, marketing with sex, Amazon Go stores, Apple bringing back money and jobs to US, social media, & misinformation on the internet. Continue reading

Dentist Stories, Missionary Position, & Dave is Totally Right | TalkyBox Podcast #55


Special guest Kate joins us to discuss Travelers Season 2, Bright on Netflix, going to the dentist, toothbrush technology, kids saying the darndest things, pregnancy tests, the missionary position, and Jason tells Dave that he’s right. Continue reading