Jurassic World, Parks & Rec, Dub vs Sub, & “The Cucumber” | TalkyBox Podcast #73



Hold on to your butts, this episode is a wild ride. We discuss ghost tours and caverns, our love for Jeff Goldblum and Chris Pratt, our preferences for subtitles or dub versions of anime & then this is where it gets hilariously weird so strap-on(in?) to something because we discuss The Cucumber. Continue reading

Skyrim VR Review, Classic Game Peripherals, & Christmas Vandalism | TalkyBox Podcast #53

Special guest Jeremy joins us again, we find out that’s not his real name, Justin gives his hands on review of Skyrim VR, we discuss video game peripherals from the Virtual Boy to Fallout’s PipBoy, I’m Dying Up Here show about comedians, Christmas Lights, Christmas Vandalism, and our favorite Christmas gifts. Continue reading