EA Sucks, Skyrim VR, Rock Hall of Fame, & Favorite Movies | TalkyBox Podcast #50


Jeremy joins the guys on the 50th episode!!! LBJ had an amphicar, EA sucks, Skyrim goes VR, Jason recently saw a whole bunch of movies, and its Rock and Roll Hall of Fame time again. Continue reading

Marvel Shows, Bioshock, Breath of the Wild, & Special Guest Kate | TalkyBox Podcast #49


We are joined by our special guest Kate, we talk about Stranger Things, Thor Ragnarok, and other Marvel works, American Gods, lots of Video Games, and Dave changes Jason’s Facebook to Arabic. Continue reading

Pho, Hurricanes, Zombie Apocalypse, & Technical Difficulties | TalkyBox Podcast #43

It wouldn’t be TalkyBox without some kind of technical difficulty. Tek is back and Dave looks weird. Zombie apocalypse and Netflix are the topics of the day. You might want to adjust your volume for this one, the intro is louder than the episode. Continue reading

Educational Video Games, Cheats and Mods, Digital & Physical Copy | TalkyBox Podcast #39

Joey’s back and we’re talking about long-distance relationships, educational video games, physical vs digital video games, book vs show: The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, late fees, and drive-through refreshment stands. Continue reading